Ryan Weilert

OSwald West

Holiday Lookbook ‘18

Ryan Weilert - Oswald West - Holiday Lookbook 2018

Over the last year, my wife Kristine has passionately crafted and developed an online vintage shop called Oswald West. Oswald West is a curator of apparel and home goods inspired by modern design, natural materials and sustainable living. Like a great wine or 1960’s Eames Lounge Chair, she believes goods that are discovered and reclaimed have a charming character and resolute quality that make them one of a kind.

November 30, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of launching Oswald West. To celebrate this milestone Kristine decided to produce Oswald West’s first lookbook. The production of the lookbook was an opportunity to craft some original content and realize her aesthetic direction for the brand in a lifestyle photography format.

We were blessed with the opportunity to produce this shoot in collaboration with a few good friends. Our location was a cozy, lived in, single family home that is nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids Fulton Heights. Meanwhile our talent brought the products to life, modeling the items in an organic and stylized format that evoke classic holiday nostalgia and helped bring emotion and depth to Kristine’s brand.



Photographer & Stylist: Kristine Weilert

Producer & Photographer: Ryan Weilert

Photo Asst. & 2nd Shooter: Tantzi

Location: The Stoffer House, Grand Rapids, MI




  • Leah Ritsema

  • Audrey Dalrymple